Cable Assemblies UK
  • Custom design of cable configuration
  • Provision of moulded grommets and bend reliefs
  • Variety of screening methods – braid, foil, lapped screen
  • Choice of insulation and cable jacket materials
  • Choice of jacket colours
  • Finish can be gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or matt
  • Low/medium/high volume production

Coiled Cables

Highblade’s custom cable service extends to the design and manufacture of coiled extensible leads.

Coiled leads are used extensively for handheld devices such as barcode scanners as well as keyboards, telecommunications applications and industrial equipment.

By the nature of their use coiled cables must withstand constant flexing and movement. Reliability in service is achieved by careful design and by using conductors with a high number of fine strands. Where feasible, tinsel type conductors are used to increase flexibility.

Cable screening can be achieved by a number of methods. Helically lapped copper wires (spiral screening) is used where high flexibility is required. Greater screening efficiency can be obtained by using woven copper braiding, or aluminium coated polyester tape with drain wire.

A variety of jacket materials in a number of colours are available including PVC, Polyurethane and Polyethylene as well as elastomer materials which have the look and feel of rubber.

For more information contact us and see also our separate page for Multicore Data Cables.

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